24 June 2013

Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan :)

Afternoon. It is raining now here in Bintulu.

So, I am going to talk about my three weeks vacation eh studying at Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan. So the thing is I had never imagined myself doing matrics. Yes, I applied for it but that is just because my friends applied for it too. Three weeks there was one of the best experience that I ever had. Little did I know that I was going to miss the people and the college this much.

I registered on the 19th of May after I decided to reject UiTM Asasi TESL offer. The first day was hectic. The registration and stuffs. So I was assigned in a room with three other girls. In our room (Block B, Second Floor, Room 8), there are two Sabahans and two Sarawakian. My roommates are Fay from Penampang, Vian from Tawau, and Farah from Sarikei. Fay, Vian and I had never stayed in a boarding school before so everything was like so new for us. On our first day, that night, the orientation officially started. Take note, LABUAN IS SUPERRRR HOTTTTT ! There are about 19++ students at the moment so we had to squeeze in that small Dewan Mutiara. We were wearing long sleeve tshirt so everyone was sweating so much. Anyway, the first day went well.

The second day of orientation, we were required to wear formal attire meaning the girls need to wear baju kurung and the boys need to wear slacks and a formal shirt. I told you before that Labuan is hot right ? You can never imagine how bad the students sweated especially the boys. Pity them huh. Orientation is all about talk and talk and talk so be prepared to sit for hours. Cramped legs ? That's common. Students fainting ? That's common too. Imagine waking up at 3am in the morning so that you wont be late and do not have to queue long to shower and went to bed at 12am at night. But that what makes it more memorable. I remember having Maggi with my roommates at 12am because we did not have the chance to eat. The facilitators were patrolling to make sure everyone was asleep so we switched off the light and eat in the dark. First experience for Fay, Vian and I.

Orientation ended on the 23th of May and we had this one week holiday. Most of the Sabahans and some Sarawakians went back to their hometown so only a few students stayed at the college. That one week holiday was super boring. Labuan is a small island so there's nothing much to see. That was the time when I made a lot of friends. From all over Borneo ! I got my Sabahan accent polished there HAHAHAHA I was very active in church also. I played the keyboard and I also became the chorister. It was fun and I was thankful that I had the chance to serve the church even for a short time. During my stay at KML, there were lots rumors and ghost stories told by the seniors and some of the students. Adding gas to the flame, someone broke into one of the girls room at Block Karisma A. But everything was okay then.

Holiday was over and everyone was back to campus. Vian and Fay went back to campus as well after their holiday at their respective hometown. Monday, 3rd of June, we officially started our class. Everyone was excited that some even woke up as early as 4.30am. Matrics is hard. You have to struggle really hard to survive. The classes are from 7am to 4pm. Now look at your SPM reference book, it is thick right ? Imagine having to finish the book in just 9 weeks. Because of that, some of the lecturers will conduct night classes to finish all the syllabuses. Yes, it was tiring but it is the risk that you need to take. I managed to survive my first week well and I loved it. I love my classmates, I love my roommates, I love my blockmates, I love my new friends, I love my churchmates. To be honest, I love everything about Labuan. Yes, it is hot but we're not in America rightttt. You dont expect it to be cool like Antartica =.=

Lots of love, Mell :) 
Bintulu, Sarawak.

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